Enhanced Odds Explained


From time to time a bookmaker will offer better odds on a selection for a period of time in order to encourage betting on that selection. There are a few reasons why they might to this:

  1. For a competitive advantage.
  2. To keep the punters coming back to check regularly for enhanced odds offers.
  3. To balance their book a little better.
    • For example if Federer is playing against Nadal and the bookmaker has a large liability built up on Nadal they may attempt to encourage some betting on Federer so that their potential loss is reduced.
  4. To encourage betting on multiples.
    • Bookmakers want punters to bet on multiples so from time to time they will offer enhanced odds on the outcome of a multiple bet.
      • For example; Man Utd are 1/2 to win their match and Tiger Woods is 6/4 to win a golf tournament. If you were to bet a tenner on both to win the normal price would be 11/4. The bookie says that if you bet on this right now we’ll pay you at 3/1.

GENIE SAYS: It can represent good value for the punter to bet on enhanced odds. Make sure to keep an eye out on any enhanced odds Genie spots in the featured section.

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