Problem Gambling

At we enjoy gambling and we would hope that our readers do the same.

However, for some people gambling holds little or no enjoyment and is merely a compulsion. They have an impulse control disorder and gambling is an addiction. This problem is very real for a large number of people.

These people are problem gamblers. If you display, or if someone that you know displays, any of the known symptoms please urge them to stop gambling right away and seek professional help from GamCare ( or another registered authority in your country of residence.

We do not advocate any of the religiously linked problem gambling organisations as they merely encourage you to swap your over-dependency on gambling for a much more dangerous and damaging dependency.

Geniebet strongly advocate the self-help approach. Sigmund Freud and a host of more modern psychologists have written extensively on problem gambling. Pick up one of their texts and try to understand the root of your problem.

Symptoms of problem gamblers include:

  • A preoccupation with gambling.
  • Needing to bet more and more in order to relive the same ‘rush’ that you may have experienced in the past. This can affect a problem gambler in much the same way as a drug addict chases a ‘hit’.
  • Chasing losses.
  • Loss of Control: where you may have unsuccessfully attempted to stop or reduce your gambling habits.
  • Negatively affecting relationships: If gambling is negatively affecting relationships with family, friends or work colleagues then ask yourself ‘which is more important?’
  • Escapism: If you are gambling only to comfort yourself or to run away from real life problems.
  • You no longer enjoy gambling but feel compelled to continue doing it.
  • Theft: If you have ever taken part in any kind of theft in order to fund your gambling then it is definitely time to stop.

This is by no means a fully comprehensive list but if any of these symptoms ring a bell with you please stop gambling right away and consider if you may have a problem.

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