I want to download an android betting app, but can’t find it in the Google play store – Why?

Unfortunately Google Play has a hard stance on sports betting and gambling apps, meaning that all gambling related services and content have been forbidden in their Google Play store, with the exception of unrestricted territories – the UK, Ireland and France.  Apps with real money betting/gambling are thereby banned presently. This includes Sports betting apps, casino and gaming real money betting apps, and lottery betting apps. Any ‘free play’ equivalents need to have a rating of medium to high maturity. Further detail of the policy is available here.

Should I expect betting apps to be available in the Google play store shortly?

Unless you are located in the UK, Ireland or France, then in short – no. While the policy has been relaxed for non-restricted territories, the current expectation is that relaxing of the ban for non-restricted territories is possibly a few years away. There have been no recent murmurings that the current google android betting policy will be amended in the immediate short term, despite the recent decision in late 2017 to allow a limited number of territories to offer betting apps, subject to a number of conditions as per the policy above. Some betting operators have tried to circumvent the restriction by releasing apps that are not primarily betting focused but have links to the betting app, however these are eventually removed from the play store once identified.

Where can I download android betting apps?

While the Google play ban is currently in place, look no further than Geniebet for a range of recommended android betting partners. Check out or recommended android betting apps for a list of betting partners from whom you can directly access the android betting app, without having to use the play store.

Why do I have to amend my device settings to download betting apps?

As you may have previously noted, as standard, most android devices prevent download of APK files from sources other than the Google play store as a default setting. This is in place to minimise security issues, however can be easily be amended to allow you to download an android betting app.

How do I amend my device settings to download an android betting app?

This is pretty simple. To change your settings, firstly go to the setting options on your Android phone or tablet. Following, select security and tick the Allow Unknown Sources Box. You will now be able to download APK files from sources other than the Google Play store. Once you’re done, feel free to revert this change.

What is an APK file?

An APK file is a downloadable executable file package that when installed is an app.

I have downloaded the APK file, but can’t find it. Where is it?

On recent Android versions, try the pull down from the top of your screen. You should see the APK file detail there. Click & follow the on screen instructions.

If that didn’t work, check your ‘My files location’. Click the APK file once found and follow the on screen instructions.

Where can I find reviews of common android betting apps?

Geniebet covers a range of reviews of common android betting apps that are ranked and rated by our users.

Will the app be compatible with my android device type?

Excellent question – chances are that it will be compatible with your device type, but the performance may be impacted by the version of Android software that you are running. If you are running with the latest version of Android, then the likelihood is that you will not experience any performance issues with your device. However, as many companies use wrapper apps as opposed to native apps, it is not uncommon for users to experience cosmetic display issues, as it is difficult for betting operators to ensure that the application functions correctly across all device types. Generally most betting companies will support top-range and most frequently used device types, with limited support for lower tier devices.

Have any further questions? Let us know & we’ll update our FAQ’s accordingly.




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