Beat Those Odds

Odds Comparison Guide

The fundamental starting point for any good punter is odds comparison. Genie recommends that you should price the market (or just selection if it’s a big field) up for yourself. Work out what you think the odds should be and see if a bookie will beat those odds. If they can beat the odds that you have priced up, then we have a bet. While it may be the case that betting exchanges more often than not offer the best odds, when commission is factored in this may not be the case. As such it still applies that you should investigate the market and try and beat whatever odds you have been offered on a market.

Odds comparison: A Value Betting Fundamental

Ensuring that you get the best odds available is the fundamental basis on which value betting is based. There are several odds comparison webistes around such as, (, among others.

Rest assured that Genie will do the hard work for you and always present his tips along with the best available price.

In order to engineer a profit, rule number 1 is that you must always bet at the best available price by finding the best odds available on the market of choice. Essentially, that will mean trying to beat the odds of your normal bookmaker. This means that you will need to open many bookmaker accounts. Don’t be put off by this because thanks to deals done by you can get free bets as part of the sign-up offers on some of our partner sites.

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