Opportunity Lost: Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather

Pacman and Money Mayweather will not be getting it on in March and my first thoughts as a boxing fan are, what a shame. My second thought quickly swithces to the opportunity that has been missed.

I never seem to be surprised any more by the pricing of Pacquiao when it comes to his matches. He continues to be underrated and it is quite baffling how bookmakers are making him the underdog for this one.

Floyd Mayweather is a great fighter, but a cowardly champion. He continues to hand pick every one of his foes and it is clear as day that he orchestrated the whole drug testing farce in order to avoid the inevitable Pacquiao bout. Looking at his recent opponents Marquez, Hatton, De La Hoya, Baldomir, Judah, Mitchell. Missing from this list are those that he should have been fighting – aka Cotto, Margarito and PACQUIAO. Hatton is the only one that could be considered to have been world class and not past his prime. He laboured to a win over De La Hoya; a man since dismantled by Pacquaio in such clinical fashion (in another fight wher Pacquiao was underdog remember).

Pacquiao, on the other hand, is the best and bravest fighter in the world at the moment and has been for the past 5 years. His record in that time is like a who’s who list of the world’s best. After finishing off half of Mexico (Morales, Barrera and Marquez) Manny decided to keep going up in the weight in search of tough opponents… he destroyed Diaz, Hatton, De La Hoya and Cotto with little fuss.

In his corner he has the brilliant Freddie Roach who is proving to be the wiliest coach in boxing right now.

Pacquaio is the perfect ambassador for boxing; a man who is more interested in taking scalps than taking belts, who doesn’t become obsessed with protecting his record and who is more that willing to keep defying the odds by shifting through the weights, never asking his opponents to do the same. In short, he is the best fighter that i have seen in my lifetime and Genie would have been placing his biggest ever bet at an expected 6/4.

He should be 4/9 and yet he is available at 6/4 if the fight goes ahead.. if only Mayweather wasn’t running scared then Genie would be filling his boots.

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